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CBMA Arbitration - Civil Construction
Brasil, Rio de Janeiro

Arbitration before the CBMA, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), involving civil construction matters and engineering projects.

ICC Arbitration - EPC Contract (Asphalt Plant)
Peru, Lima

International arbitration before the ICC, held in Lima (Peru), between a Spanish construction company* and a Brazilian manufacturer of heavy construction equipment, involving an EPC contract for the construction of an asphalt plant for the concession of a federal highway in Peru.

ICSID Arbitration - EPC Contract (Highway)
Washington DC, EUA

Investment arbitration before ICSID, held in Washington, DC, between the Spanish construction company OHL – Obrascon Huarte Lain S.A.* and the Republic of Peru, involving the Concession Agreement for the construction of the 356 km long “Vial 4” Highway, part of the Pan-American Highway of Northern Peru.

ICC Arbitration - Oil Supply
Brasil, São Paulo

International arbitration before the ICC, held in São Paulo, between a Brazilian oil refinery* and the Venezuelan state-owned company PDVSA, involving an international oil supply contract.

CAM-CCBC Arbitration - Turbine Supply
Brasil, São Paulo

Arbitration held before CAM-CCBC, in São Paulo (SP), between an Austrian company that manufactures power generation equipment and a Brazilian concessionaire of a large hydroelectric plant*, involving the termination of a contract for the supply of turbines for a hydroelectric plant.

ICC Arbitration - International Joint Venture
Londres, Reino Unido

International arbitration before the ICC, held in London (UK), between a Brazilian industry* in the urban mobility sector and an Israeli multinational in the technology sector, involving a joint venture and the supply of equipment (radars) for the implementation of Wi-Fi in public infrastructures (smart cities).

SMA Arbitration - Ore Export
Nova Iorque, EUA

Arbitration before the Society of Maritime Arbitrators (SMA), held in New York (USA), between a Brazilian mining company and a US industry, involving an international ore supply contract.

CAMFIEP Arbitration - Equipment Supply
Curitiba, Brasil

International arbitration before CAMFIEP, held in Curitiba (PR), between a Brazilian industry in the urban mobility sector and an Argentinian company, involving an international supply contract for traffic light equipment.

CAM-FGV Arbitration - Energy Trading
São Paulo, Brasil

Arbitration before CAM-FGV, held in São Paulo (SP), between a textile industry from Santa Catarina and an energy trading company from São Paulo, involving the termination of a CCEAL (Commercialization Agreement in the Free Environment) and damage determination.

CAM-CCBC Arbitration - EPC Contract (Wind Farm)
São Paulo - SP

Arbitration before the CAM-CCBC, held in São Paulo (SP), between a contractor from Santa Catarina* and a state-owned company, involving an EPC Turn Key Lumpsum Contract for the construction of a wind farm in Rio Grande do Sul.

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